txframe Tension Fabric Graphic Display System

Sometimes it needs to be a little bit more: bigger, brighter, exceptional. Ideal for exhibition and shop window displays, at point of sale and interior architecture. With a series of profiles to suit multiple applications and the ability to print fabrics from small desk top displays to entire wall coverings. The txframe tension fabric graphic system can transform  your retail or office space instantly. With a simple connection system the printed fabrics can be replaced quickly and easily with new images to revamp the space again.

As well as being visually spectacular the txframe tension fabric graphic system is also available with acoustic insulation to improve soundproofing or just deaden noise in an open plan area.

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The applications are numerous:

  •  Shopfitting
  •  Point of Sale
  •  Office
  •  Shopping Centres
  •  Restaurants
  •  Hotels
  •  Hospitals
  •  Sports halls
  •  Children's Nurseries
  •  Commercial and industrial use


looks great & makes anything possible

  • Individually produced frames in any size
  • Elastic textile material
  • Around corners
  • On the ceiling
  • Bends & curves
  • Circular
  • Wavelike
  • Frontlit
  • Backlit
  • Free standing partitions
The materials used are Flame Retardant to B1 category and are PVC-free odourless and Oeko-tx 100 certified. As well as being of carbon nutural production.


View the profile information below: or click here to see the full txframe profile range